Of Bikes and Tights and Tiger Balm

Tiger-BalmI’ve been seeing mentions here and there recently about Embrocation (as it relates to cold weather bicycle riding) and thought I’d do a little experiment this morning. I ride pretty much year-round and my average speeds, while usually slow, have been absolutely abysmal since it turned cold. I’ve tried to avoid thinking about the whole average speed thing since it leads to unnecessarily depressing thoughts. At this time of year I’m really just trying to rack up as many miles as possible before the New Year anyway, or so I keep telling myself.

I didn’t have anything fancy around to work with at home this morning so it came down to a choice between Bengay and Tiger Balm. Tiger Balm won out. I can’t stand the smell of Bengay.

(so get to the point already robert…..).

Anyway a quick rubdown on my legs before putting on my bike tights this morning and my average speed was up by 2 mph over my 8.5 mile ride. Not bad. Not a very scientific test and an extremely small data sampling, but I’m excited to pursue this further (as if you cared) Well maybe a few people care about such things.


Cut to the next day……

From the folks who make Chamois Butt'r

From the folks who make Chamois Butt’r

This just arrived. It comes in Warm and Hot. I just rubbed some of the hot on and I’m not feeling much heat, but I’ll give it a try next time I go out on the bike and will report back here.

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