Halloween 100 Premiums

Me in the rainOn my ride home tonight I was trying to think of what I could do to encourage more people to donate. Since we’ve been in the middle of a week long pledge drive on WUNC, I was thinking about how they give premiums and have matching donors and I came up with these offers:

For every additional $100 that we raise between now and 5:00 Friday night (tomorrow), I will volunteer to do one – two hour shift volunteering to work at Habitat’s Hope Crossing “green” community. Habitat is looking to finish 9 homes in this community by December 31. I’ll match every additional $100 with 2 hours of volunteering so your donation goes even further.

There are 60 people on this list. If just 10 people who haven’t donated yet each donate $10, we’ve got an additional $100 for Habitat plus 2 hours of volunteering. 20 people donate $10, $200 and 4 hours of volunteering and so on.

That was the matching donation part, now here is the premium part. In the spirit of all NPR fundraisers I’m going to offer a mug for anyone who donates at the $50 or greater level. I will go to the Habitat Hand Me Up store and personally pick out a mug for you. That mug will be accompanied by a personalized thank you photo postcard from the the Durham Farmer’s Market. If you have already donated at the $50 or greater level and would like this premium please email me and let me know. All donations will receive the personalized photo postcard thank you note.

So we have less than 24 hours to go. It would be great if we could get at least 10 more people to donate $10 each before 5:00 tomorrow. It will be amazing if we can meet the goal of $750 raised. I know that we all get bombarded with requests for donations daily and it can be overwhelming. I apologize for adding to that but your $10 really can go far when it is combined with all the other 10, 20, 25 and 50 dollar donations.

Here is the link to donate online:



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