Three Blind Mice

baby mice video screenshotLiving out in the woods like we do, we end up sharing our home with some “critters” from time time. We had a mouse in the house recently who had a habit of stealing leftover turkey bacon. She’d pull it into the openings around the burners in the stovetop. Sometimes it would get stuck and other times she’d be successful. We tried all sorts of things to catch this mouse short of setting out poison. With three dogs and two kids poison just isn’t an option. Once I saw the mouse scurrying across the floor and I thought, man, that’s one fat little mouse. I figured it was the steady diet of turkey bacon.

Lately we’ve noticed a lot less mouse activity around the house and we figured the mouse had moved out with the coming of the warmer weather. That was until Laura went to put something up on top of the coat closet the other day and three baby mice fell out on her head. We had mixed feelings about putting them back in their little nest at the top of the closet but we couldn’t really bring ourselves to kill them either. I noticed this morning when I went to check up on them that the mother had moved them from the nest to someplace new and unknown to us.

View a short quicktime video.

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