Improving the radiator to fan clearance in the ’70 MG Midget

Here’s a few photos of what I had to do to get the correct radiator – fan clearance on the new ’70 Midget. It’s a hack and won’t win any awards but who really cares? I just want to be able to drive the car without destroying any more radiators and fans. It’ll probably have to go to the frame shop if I want to use a standard cowl someday.

With a Sawzall and grinder I cut off the left and right flange from the cowl and notched it around the uprights that were tilting backwards. I also relieved the back of the fan by a little less than 1/8″. Any more than that and the back of the fan would hit the oil separator. I also replaced the engine mounts. The combination of these things improved the clearance from about 3/8″ to 1 1/16″.

Tomorrow I take it on a test run out to the Triangle Classic British Car Show in Raleigh. Hopefully we’ll make it there and back without any more problems.

dry fitting cowl
drilling new holes
location of new holes
routed back of fan
new engine mounts
all back together again

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