The Usual Suspects

This sort of thing drives me nuts, especially since I have a very limited amount of time to work on my MG Midget. You’d think if you order a part from a supplier that it would be a suitable replacement for the part you are replacing.

MG Midget Heater Pipes mock pipe install airtex pump

Big thank you (not) to Victoria British.

Dancing in the streets

I know everybody thinks that their own kids are the cutest but come-on, can you really top this? We were sorting out stuff in our storage place and a salsa band was rehearsing in one of the storage cubicles nearby. The music has stopped at this point but that doesn’t make a bit of difference to the kids.

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A chip off the old block

Looks and sounds like Clay is going to be a natural 😉

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Halloween 100 Premiums

Me in the rainOn my ride home tonight I was trying to think of what I could do to encourage more people to donate. Since we’ve been in the middle of a week long pledge drive on WUNC, I was thinking about how they give premiums and have matching donors and I came up with these offers:

For every additional $100 that we raise between now and 5:00 Friday night (tomorrow), I will volunteer to do one – two hour shift volunteering to work at Habitat’s Hope Crossing “green” community. Habitat is looking to finish 9 homes in this community by December 31. I’ll match every additional $100 with 2 hours of volunteering so your donation goes even further.

Transmission Transplant

Engine photoWell, second gear finally went south in the ’70 Midget. Being a tad low on funds I decided to use the transmission from the ’69 which has become the parts car for the ’70. While I was at it I cleaned up the engine compartment some and traded the stock exhaust for a LCB (long center branch) exhaust header which should improve the performance of the 1275 cc engine. The swap was completed over a long weekend when the temps were in the mid to high 90’s. Lots of breaks were taken for swimming and spending time with the family. Next weekend I’ll wrap this up and hopefully get a chance to put new front brake pads in.

Pictures documenting the swap are on flickr

Three Blind Mice

baby mice video screenshotLiving out in the woods like we do, we end up sharing our home with some “critters” from time time. We had a mouse in the house recently who had a habit of stealing leftover turkey bacon. She’d pull it into the openings around the burners in the stovetop. Sometimes it would get stuck and other times she’d be successful. We tried all sorts of things to catch this mouse short of setting out poison. With three dogs and two kids poison just isn’t an option. Once I saw the mouse scurrying across the floor and I thought, man, that’s one fat little mouse. I figured it was the steady diet of turkey bacon.

Lately we’ve noticed a lot less mouse activity around the house and we figured the mouse had moved out with the coming of the warmer weather. That was until Laura went to put something up on top of the coat closet the other day and three baby mice fell out on her head. We had mixed feelings about putting them back in their little nest at the top of the closet but we couldn’t really bring ourselves to kill them either. I noticed this morning when I went to check up on them that the mother had moved them from the nest to someplace new and unknown to us.

View a short quicktime video.

2007 Triangle Classic British Car Show

After overcoming our radiator woes at the last minute with a well planned day off from work, a Sawzall & grinder, we were able to enter our car in the Triangle Classic. This had been a goal of ours all along and I really didn’t think we’d be able to pull it off. Thanks to the Spridgets listers for all their advice and support and my son Clay for coming up with the idea in the first place.

Click on over to flickr to see how the day went.

Improving the radiator to fan clearance in the ’70 MG Midget

Here’s a few photos of what I had to do to get the correct radiator – fan clearance on the new ’70 Midget. It’s a hack and won’t win any awards but who really cares? I just want to be able to drive the car without destroying any more radiators and fans. It’ll probably have to go to the frame shop if I want to use a standard cowl someday.

With a Sawzall and grinder I cut off the left and right flange from the cowl and notched it around the uprights that were tilting backwards. I also relieved the back of the fan by a little less than 1/8″. Any more than that and the back of the fan would hit the oil separator. I also replaced the engine mounts. The combination of these things improved the clearance from about 3/8″ to 1 1/16″.

Tomorrow I take it on a test run out to the Triangle Classic British Car Show in Raleigh. Hopefully we’ll make it there and back without any more problems.

dry fitting cowl
drilling new holes
location of new holes
routed back of fan
new engine mounts
all back together again

More MG radiator woes

Here are some photos for the folks from the Spridgets list. All images are thumbnails linked to larger photos.

Engine mount from 1969 Midget showing slots
Engine mount currently in ’70 Midget
Frame with radiator support
Back of pulley
Trashed radiator