Dancing in the streets

I know everybody thinks that their own kids are the cutest but come-on, can you really top this? We were sorting out stuff in our storage place and a salsa band was rehearsing in one of the storage cubicles nearby. The music has stopped at this point but that doesn’t make a bit of difference to the kids.

(Note: If you are having problems viewing the video, please download and install the latest version of Apple QuickTime. It’s relatively painless, even for you Windows users. :-) )

Noah becomes mobile

noah_crawls.jpgOver the past few weeks, Noah has begun to crawl. His speed and dexterity seem to increase daily. He’s also begun to pull himself up on coffee tables, pants legs of parents, the railing of his crib, and assorted other supports. Yay for Noah! (And a small “Yikes!” for those of us adjusting to the new order.)