Halloween 100 Premiums

Me in the rainOn my ride home tonight I was trying to think of what I could do to encourage more people to donate. Since we’ve been in the middle of a week long pledge drive on WUNC, I was thinking about how they give premiums and have matching donors and I came up with these offers:

For every additional $100 that we raise between now and 5:00 Friday night (tomorrow), I will volunteer to do one – two hour shift volunteering to work at Habitat’s Hope Crossing “green” community. Habitat is looking to finish 9 homes in this community by December 31. I’ll match every additional $100 with 2 hours of volunteering so your donation goes even further.

More from Clay

Clay went to Home Depot with Robert and came back with a Scooby Doo ornament. I admired it and he said, “It’s real plastic!”


He is vehemently anti-girl these days. We were at the table and he was eating some prunes that had been in the cupboard for a while. He said, “Ew!” and I asked if the prunes were bad. “No,” he said, and pointed to Noah, who was draped with a red dish towel in lieu of a bib. “Noah looks like a girl.”


 I told Clay I felt very lucky to have two boys. He said, “Some people have three.” I said, “That’s right. I don’t think I could handle three.” He thought for a moment. “Yeah, you can barely handle two.” (So true!)

Clay is always thinking

I was talking with Clay about the different milestones Noah will achieve. He knew about crawling and walking but I told him that before those there’s rolling.

He looked pensive for a moment then said, “The rolling will probably be easier for him if we put him on a hill.”